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When you rely on GeneXus for developing apps, you trust its productivity and its simplicity to create and maintain really sophisticated software. We created WorkWithPlus for Web when we found that we could take the capacity of GeneXus to a higher level.
WorkWithPlus is the perfect supplement to create apps with a multiplied GeneXus power. It provides developers with a set of tools for creating solutions with a surprising UI & UX, and for simplifying work with an easy and intuitive user methodology. In record timing, it creates apps based on the latest trends.
Makes using GeneXus easy
Developers can easily create apps using WorkWithPlus for Web. Its hierarchical tree and its real-time preview allows them prototyping and correction as they do their work.
Save time and effort
The developer benefits from the power of GeneXus and multiplies it with a wide variety of functionalities. It's as easy as enabling/disabling properties or standardizing with the use of templates.
Customizable layout
GeneXus allows us the possibility to build complex apps, but sometimes we lack the knowledge required to achieve that. With WorkWithPlus for Web you can create apps in a very flexible manner, and with any design you may want.
Standardizes work
Regardless of size, for any team working on a KB, WorkWithPlus allows a standardized development, with unified look & feel and programming, and a uniform work method.
WorkWithPlus implies a very simple work methodology.
Design System Wizard
Use your hierarchical tree and real-time visualization
With WorkWithPlus for Web you may build 100% of your app's screens, benefitting from the predefined templates or by creating your own templates with a customized design. Additionally, WorkWithPlus for Web also provides a varied set of user controls that you may use on your application.
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All of the product's functionalities are oriented at fast learning and easy use. With a proprietary development environment embedded in GeneXus IDE, work becomes much more dynamic, with real-time view of changes made, without the need for specifying and generating the KB.
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WorkWithPlus for Web automates the creation of responsive screens and functionalities with the automatic writing of the GeneXus code required. It includes a wide number of properties and modules that make your work easier and strengthen the capabilities of apps.
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Automate the KB's behavior through the massive addition of rules, conditions, code blocks and more. Standardize your team's work using templates.
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