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If you trust GeneXus for developing multi-platform applications, then you appreciate its productivity and its easy way to create really sophisticated software. We created WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile when we found that we could take the capacity of GeneXus to a higher level.
WorkWithPlus is the perfect supplement to create apps with a multiplied GeneXus power. It provides developers with a set of tools for creating solutions with a surprising UI & UX, and simplifying work with an easy and intuitive user methodology. In record timing, it creates apps based on the latest trends.
Makes using GeneXus easy
Creating mobile apps is quite simple. The working method of WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile enables you to easily create and maintain panels by means of a hierarchical tree of objects.
Customizable layout
You will be able to develop fully flexible apps with the design you intend to create.
Standardizes work
Makes design uniform and automates development towards a homogeneous work method.
Save time and effort
The user benefits from the full power of GeneXus to build applications, multiplying that power with an wide variety of functionalities.
WorkWithPlus implies a very simple work methodology.
Design System Wizard
Use your hierarchical tree
With WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile you may build 100% of your app's panels using the predefined templates or by creating your own templates with a customized design.
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The product's functionalities are oriented at fast learning and easy use. With a proprietary development environment embedded in GeneXus IDE, work becomes much more dynamic, with the selection of the templates provided.
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WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile automates the creation of the main aspects of a Mobile App, such as the record/start of session, the home screen and the menu, among others; and also for functionalities by automatically writing the GeneXus code required.
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User Controls
WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile provides an ample range of User Controls that aid in the creation of extremely attractive apps: graphs, dynamic forms, signature on device, maps, and so on.
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