for Business Intelligence
Explore your data through conversational analysis
Results at a glance
Every day, companies gather an increasing amount of data on their clients, employees, and business processes, among others. Turning that data into valuable information for decision making is a very significant challenge.
WorkWithPlus for BI is the perfect tool for exploring your data in natural language to find and share meaningful insights with a wide set of visualizations and integrations capabilities.
Easy to use
It is quite simple for any GeneXus analyst to build a cube from a KB, to then offer it to clients.
Low cost of implementation
With WorkWithPlus for BI, users may build their own reports, in addition to exploring data and defining how they want to view information, while reducing implementation costs.
Time to Market
Benefitting from all the power in GeneXus to build apps and the automation of the cube creation, the data loading and the query interface. This makes it possible to offer solutions in an agile manner.
Competitive price
We seek to offer competitive prices in relation to other solutions in the market which may provide excellent features but are not 100% adapted to solutions from the GeneXus community.
WorkWithPlus for BI suggests a very simple work methodology.
Design the cube
Initial load
Explore your data
Fully integrated
It is used from the GeneXus IDE, without the need for specific BI knowledge.
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Local or SaaS
Cubes may be stored within the client's infrastructure, or you may also use the cloud of WorkWithPlus for BI.
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Conversational interface
An interface is generated to allow the user conversational queries that are stored in a Timeline that also enables the user to define his/her own Dashboard with the more relevant queries.
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Build the cube
With very simple steps, transactions and attributes are selected to enable the construction of a cube with a database independent from the operational base. The new database is oriented at columns to allow queries with an excellent performance.
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for Business Intelligence
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